Industrial Mechanical

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Industrial Mechanical

We work on heating, cooling, or ventilation of buildings which may include installation, removal, repair, and maintenance of pipes, valves, regulators, tanks, evaporative cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

We also offer gas services. This includes installation, disconnection, repair, and maintenance of pipes, fittings, appliances, and associated ventilation equipment involving gases. These gases include fuel, liquefied petroleum, manufactured, and natural gases.

Maintenance Agreements


Industrial Services of Illinois, Inc. takes care of the regular maintenance for our boiler and air conditioning system at city hall. They have always been there for us. Last night is a perfect example. We had a city council meeting scheduled for 6:00. About 3:00 we noticed that the council chambers upstairs were getting warm and it quickly became evident that our air conditioning system was down. I called Industrial Services immediately. They were in Champaign on another job. When they finished that job they drove over to Taylorville. By 6:00 they had the problem identified and fixed. The council meeting went off as planned – with a comfortable room temperature!

Industrial Services of Illinois, Inc. is always straight with us about what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it. They are extremely knowledgeable about pneumatic controls. They always show us the broken part and even share replacement part costs with us.

Patricia Olive, Maintenance Superintendent
City of Taylorville

Metal shearing

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