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Industrial Services Roofing Division

Acquire quality roofing services at Industrial Services of Illinois, Inc. Whether you are looking for a quick repair or an entire installation, we will provide you with great service at a fair price. Our highly-qualified staff will thoroughly inspect your rooftop to give you a fair and honest estimate.

Our industrial and commercial roofing services come with the best warranties in the business!

• Reroofing and new construction
• Maintenance and inspections
• Waterproofing and coatings
• Flashing, fascia, gutters, and downspouts
• Mansards, domes, and cupolas

We also offer architectural metal.

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Available Roofing Services

Low Slope Roofing:

Asphalt- The proven performance of an asphalt built-up roofing incorporates three or four layers of roofing felt that is set in intermediate layers of hot asphalt. Surfacing can vary from a coating of hot asphalt, a reflective emulsion, hot asphalt and gravel, or a modified asphalt granule coated cap sheet.
Coal tar- The superior performance of a coal tar built-up roof begins with three or four layers of roofing felt that is set in intermediate layers of coal tar pitch bitumen. After the final layer is in place, the roof is ready for a surfacing, typically a flood coat of coal tar and gravel.
Modified SBS- Cold or hot applied SBS roofing provides a durable roof system without the gravel surfacing. Multiple plies of rubberized asphalt rolls with smooth or granule surface will provide years of reliable service.
Single-ply- Single ply roofing may consist of a variety of different membrane materials. Most commonly referred to as a "rubber" roof, it may actually be rubber, thermoplastic or PVC. It is available in several different colors including white, tan, gray and black. The single-ply roof is custom-designed to accommodate your new or existing building. Fully Adhered, Mechanically Fastened and Ballasted systems are available.
Tapered rood systems- We provide and install custom-engineered, tapered roof insulation systems over your dead level roof structure to create positive roof drainage. Eliminates ponding water. Slopes your roof to interior or perimeter drainage systems. Plus, it increases R-value!

Steep Slope Roofing:

Shingles- We install a variety of shingle products on commercial and institutional projects. From wood shakes, to laminated shingles, to three tab shingles. Our skilled sheet metal shop is available to flash the most difficult of details for a complete watertight installation.
Standing seam- A wide array of materials, profiles, colors and finishes is available. Copper, galvanized steel, aluminum, galvalume, stainless steel, zinc, terne coated steel, and terne coated stainless steel. There are 20 and 25 year painted finishes available for steel, aluminum, and galvalume.
Flat seam- Custom fabricated metal pans fabricated from a variety of materials including copper, terne coated steel, terne coated stainless steel, stainless steel, and zinc.
Simulated tile/slate/shake- Sheet metal can be fabricated to give the appearance of a tile, slate, or wood shake roof in a variety of colors and designs. It can also can be fabricated into interlocking shingles.
Slate and tile- Historical-style roofs designed to last a lifetime. Available in a variety of colors, designs, and shapes. Our detail-oriented crews produce a watertight durable roofing system.


We have used Industrial Services of Illinois, Inc. for a number of facilities around Central Illinois for more than 10 years including roofing projects and mechanical work for heating and air conditioning. We use them for our most strategic and important buildings. These facilities house very high dollar communications switching equipment and other critical technology. The strategic facilities also include the major buildings where we have many valuable people working inside.

They are very service oriented and are always taking care of the customer. We use them for repairs of existing facilities, equipment and roof maintenance, and emergency repair situations. We currently have a service agreement for temperature controls. We also use them for roof and HVAC installations in newly constructed or remodeled buildings. Industrial Services also has one of the best sheet metal shops in the region. We are very fortunate to have this team of craftsmen so close.

Mike Croy, Senior Manager of Facilities
Consolidated Communications

Architectural Metal

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